Barbie unveils dolls based on inspiring women

US toymaker Mattel on Wednesday unveiled a new line of Barbie dolls based on accomplished women that include US snowboarder Chloe Kim, Australian conservationist Bindi Irwin and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Toymaker on Thursday announced the new doll before the International Women's Day.

Most new dolls are based on living women such as Chinese volleyball champion Hui Rukki, French chef Helen Daroos and British boxing champion Nikola Adams.

Another line entitled "Inspiring Women" is based on historical figures such as leading aviators Amelia Earhart and African-American mathematician Catherine Johnson, popularized by the Hollywood movie "Hidden Figures" of 2016.

However, the new dolls have an unrealistic thin and lean ratio of classic Barbie dolls.

Mattel's Barbie, a white doll for decades, began to diversify its line to promote sales in recent years.

In early 2016, the California-based company launched Barbie versions in three different body sizes - tall, beautiful and shapely - and in seven different skin tones.

In December 2017, Mattel launched a Barbie doll based on the American Olympic Fencer Ibitihaj Muhammad, an American of Muslim faith, who competes with the Hijab Headcover.

This diversity has allowed Barbie to be one of Mitel's few successful toys, which shows a nine percent increase in the fourth quarter of the year 2017, in which the company's global sales fell 10.5 percent.

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